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BELOW: MY OLDER WEBSITE BELOW (When I was in Halifax for a few years and a couple of elections)

Thank you all for your support and prayers Canada is better off because of you.

Thank you again all , for those whom supported and for those whom just came here to read on the platform.  Canada is in dire need of more informed citizens, whom learn, and then do something with their new information.

Be it learning of the losses of freedoms we’re experiencing, how money works (look up fiat money) , how inflation is a hidden tax, the parallels to our current times and history (and what we’re repeating) etc

I’ll continue to make videos on a few different channels, bringing up issues in our current day as best I can and as a Christian what I’m doing about it, and maybe you might feel the same, or also contribute to the conversation with other points of views (quick, while we still can)

Blessings all – Kevin Schulthies – Sept 28th 2021 – Halifax

About Me Kevin Schulthies

Christian Political Candidate for the CHP, Christian Heritage Party (Halifax West in 2021 Federal Election) – Promoting Tried & True, Proven Best Practiced Principles for All Canadians
I’m a Christ following, freedom fightin, vision castin, dream buildin, disciple makin, love’n & forgiv’n,non stoppin, saved by Grace Canadian Rascal

I believe that freedom of speech is probably the greatest cause to fight to save because without the ability to speak up about topics freely (not be canceled, removed, de-platformed, censored etc) you can not bring to light all other topics.

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Cheques can be made out to

Candice F Chauvet, Official Agent for Kevin Schulthies

And Ideally due to the short nature of this election, given to myself in person in Halifax (call me)

If need be Mailed to:  10020 104 St, Morinville, AB T8R 1A5


My Profile Overview

I work as a recruitment manager for a life insurance agency; and travel the Maritimes engaging with Canadians daily on health issues. I’m a life-long entrepreneur, interested in getting results by working hard and smart.

I was raised on a farm and in a “Black Collar” multi-generational Coal mining family, and I understand the challenges of trade work and being part of a large rural district.

Some of my main concerns are: inflation, which is a ‘hidden tax’, converting CRA charities’ assets from the public back into private, proportional representation (with a “Made in Canada” approach), and freedom of speech.

I believe it’s time to employ time-tested, principle-based practices to fix our families, communities, and ultimately our nation.

Your Support spreads the message of hope for all Canadians

Our mission and vision

Time Tested – Proven – Best Practices – HOWTO best run a disciplined and fruitful life which lead by example into better family – better communities – better business – and the best nation possible.

Contribute for Us

I’d love if you joined us on this mission to bring good governance to this great country we call Canada.  We can always use your time, energy, money but most importantly your prayers.  We need to be Watchmen and Witnesses.  Watch out and call out dangers ahead and all around us, and to share the great news that helps and heals.   If you can contribute with your volunteering or willing to put up a sign at your location or best yet, contribute to help fund the war effort to better get our message out.