I’ll create a video going into depth on as many of these topics as I can

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I also have my TOP platform pieces that I’ll cover in the most detail of course.  Plus go into the HOWs and WHYs of some issues and how they’re connected and you want to get to the ROOT of the issue so you can have GOOD fruit (tasty apples)  instead of crab apples.  You have to change the tree to get different fruit.

I hate to have had to make this my My Top Platform issue this year, because without it all other issues can not be brought to light and eventually made better.


Shutting down all unapproved or vetted topics and or citizens and not on the Liberals safe list will be punished and removed.  Anyone with a popular voice can be shut down, directly and even indirectly if any pressure is put on the hosting platform as well, so platforms will have zero tolerance for anything the government might not find flattering or pushing the current narrative.




(Full Bill C-10 is currently MISSING and broken from official government website, go figure….trying to communicate with them to get the copy)

Official Party Platform Text from CHP.ca

Alphabetical Order

    The Indian Act is outdated and must be replaced with legislation based on the following:

    1. Recognition of prior occupancy by first peoples.
    2. Restitution, where and as appropriate.
    3. Reconciliation leading to full participation in Canadian society for all Canadians.
    1. The CHP is the only federal party with a policy of protecting all innocent human life from conception.
    2. Abortion is NOT a Charter-protected right
    3. Many recent studies have shown a link between abortion and breast cancer
    4. Abortion should be defunded, not defended
    1. A nation that cannot feed itself cannot survive.
    2. The CHP would develop a national food strategy. There is no more important task for our nation than food production.
    3. The CHP supports the institution of the Family Farm.
    1. Canada currently borrows operating and investment capital from other nations and from international bankers and pays interest on the debt incurred—around $70 million every single day!
    2. The CHP would restore the Bank of Canada to its proper function. It would create and provide Canada’s money supply and provide low-interest or interest-free loans to Provinces, crown corporations and municipalities for urgently needed infrastructure.
    3. Current governments, through incorrect use of the Bank of Canada, have created a blight over the futures of our children as they will be forced to repay the debt plus interest.
    1. CO2 is not pollution; it is a beneficial natural gas needed by all plants
    2. Carbon taxes are just a tax grab
    3. The PM cannot legally force the provinces to collect taxes
    4. A carbon tax will do nothing for the environment; the CHP would rescind any federal carbon tax imposed by a previous government
  6. CBC
    1. CBC costs taxpayers $1.6 billion every year
    2. CBC has pushed and continues to push abortion, gender confusion and assisted suicide
    3. CBC must be defunded/privatized (I’ve recently thought about instead of straight out selling it, giving the majority of it to the indigenous and french cultures of Canada and letting them have it to own, run, and benefits from)
    1. Parents are the best and primary caregivers for their own children
    2. Taxpayer-funded childcare is no substitute
    3. Children do best in homes with both a mother and a father
    1. The Canadian Government MUST protect Canadian citizens
    2. Canada’s border MUST be respected and entry must be restricted to those
      coming in legally through official ports of entry
    3. All Canadian citizens MUST demonstrate their loyalty to Canada and to Canadian values
    4. ONLY Canadian citizens should be allowed to vote or hold office
    1. The CPP (Canada Pension Plan) is inadequate for meeting the needs of Canada’s seniors, even when combined with the Old Age pension
    2. The CHP would introduce the PISA (Personal Income Security Account) to give Canadians control over their own employment pension funds
    3. Contributions would be made by both the employer and employee to each employee’s individual account as is now done for the CPP.
    4. Old Age Security pension would remain in effect
    1. National debt is over $690 billion
    2. Interest on the national debt costs taxpayers approximately $70 million EVERY SINGLE DAY
    3. We MUST stop stealing our children’s future prosperity
    4. CHP will pay off the national debt and introduce mandatory balanced budgets
    Public education is provincial jurisdiction . . . BUT

    1. The federal government MUST protect children from harmful ideologies being imposed on children such as misguided theories such as gender fluidity, unproven CO2 / climate change, economic socialism, etc.
    2. Parents are the first and primary educators of their own children and their right to guide their children re. morality and worldview must not be usurped by provincial education establishments
    3. Public Education should be focused on essential career skills such as: math, science, literary skills and history
    1. Stop giving tax-payers’ money to political parties OR distribute to ALL parties fairly
    2. Ensure that all candidates and all parties are included in debates and taxpayer-funded media info
    3. Review our First Past the Post electoral system and hold a referendum to allow voters to change the system
    1. CHP recognizes our responsibility to steward and care for the natural environment
    2. CHP will protect Canada’s air, soil and water from destructive contamination of man-made chemicals
    3. CO2 is a natural beneficial gas, not a pollutant; CO2 as the cause of climate change is an unproven theory. CHP opposes all carbon taxes, cap-and-trade, carbon credits
    4. CHP will oppose any attempt to block sunlight—“global dimming”—as has been proposed by some “geo-engineering” advocates in an effort to “cool the planet”
    5. CHP also cares about the MORAL environment
    1. Killing innocent people is always wrong; CHP would work to restore protection from assisted suicide and euthanasia
    2. We want to kill the pain, not the patient; we support better access to palliative comfort care
    3. Every human life has intrinsic value; there is no such thing as a life not worth living
    4. Health care professionals need conscience protection; no Canadian should be forced to violate his or her conscience
    1. Canada is recognized as a world leader; we must act responsibly to maintain that reputatio
    2. Let’s lead in good things: clean water, energy and justice, NOT abortion, gender confusion and debt
    3. Canada must defend freedom around the world, beginning at home
    1. Second most important human right, next to the right to life
    2. Without Freedom of Speech, we can’t defend any human rights
    3. Use your voice and your freedom to defend your freedom; use it or lose it!
    1. There are two biological genders: male and female
    2. Biological gender is encoded in the chromosomes and cannot be changed by surgery or chemicals
    3. Children must be protected from the LGBTQ “gender agenda” which ignores biological reality
    4. Parents’ rights to guide their children’s social development must be protected from indoctrination in the school system
    5. Taxpayers should not have to pay for “gender reassignment surgery”, hormone blockers or other attempts to artificially change an individual’s gender
    1. All government expenditures should be open to public scrutiny
    2. All government salaries over $100,000 should be listed for the public; this number to be adjusted for inflation
    3. All politicians and high-level bureaucrats should be subject to recall for crimes in office
    1. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns
    2. Violent crime is the problem, not firearms
    3. The CHP supports the right of peaceful, law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms for hunting, sport and self-defence
    1. Canada’s healthcare system is good but can be improved
    2. More emphasis should be placed on preventive care and alternative medicine
    3. Big Pharma must not maintain its monopoly on treatment protocols and access to drugs
    4. CHP would shorten waiting lists for urgent treatments by credentialing more qualified doctors and defunding elective procedures such as abortion, euthanasia, and “gender re-assignment” surgery
    5. New hospitals must incorporate modern design features to limit the spread of infectious disease
    1. Reduce foreign purchases of homes, businesses and farmland
    2. Strengthen the family unit, reduce divorce and the necessity of one couple maintaining two homes
    3. Make stay-at-home parenting more affordable
    1. The right to life is the first human right
    2. Freedom of Speech is the second and is essential if we are to defend any human rights
    3. All Canadians deserve equal treatment under the law
    4. The CHP would end frivolous “human rights” cases; taxpayers’ money should not be used to promote the agenda of special-interest groups
    1. Canada’s first responsibility is to citizen safety
    2. Immigration is a privilege, not a right
    3. Our borders must be secure; refugees must not cross our borders without permission
    4. All refugees and future citizens must be thoroughly vetted and must declare their loyalty to Canada
  24. ISLAM
    1. Radical Islam has proven to be a threat to Western democracy
    2. Sharia Law is incompatible with Canada’s culture and heritage and with Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    3. CHP rejects Islamic cultural practices such as “honour-killings”, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), forced marriages, forced conversion and inhumane animal slaughter (Halal slaughter)
  25. ISRAEL
    1. Israel occupies a unique place in history and in current world affairs
    2. Israel stands alone in the Middle East as a democratic nation, surrounded by hostile nations
    3. CHP Canada stands with Israel and supports her right to exist and to defend herself
    1. In the constitutional division of powers, courts and judges were NOT given the authority to write laws, only to apply and enforce the law AS IT IS WRITTEN
    2. The courts have usurped the authority of Parliament and provincial legislatures; judicial activism has resulted in abortion-on-demand, same-sex marriage and assisted suicide
    3. The courts have misused their power to limit free speech, a Charter Right which they should be protecting
    4. The CHP would use Section 33 of the Charter (the Notwithstanding Clause) to protect freedom of speech and Canada’s moral foundations
    1. Canadians deserve a justice system designed to protect their lives and property
    2. All Canadians deserve equal treatment under the law
    3. Justice delayed is justice denied; it is essential that justice be applied as quickly as possible to save costs and to deter wrongdoing
    4. CHP’s justice platform stands on two pillars: Restitution and Public Safety
    1. Work is a good thing; people are happiest when they are working and contributing to society
    2. Equal pay for equal work
    3. No mandated affirmative action; ie. No hiring quotas
    4. Essential services should never be at risk due to strikes or lockouts
    1. Marijuana is a gateway drug, impairs judgment and contributes to traffic fatalities
    2. Pregnant mothers pass THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) to their pre-born children
    3. CHP would eliminate “drug injection sites” and re-criminalize the possession and sale of recreational marijuana  (Personally I wouldn’t look to re-criminalize marijuana, though there are a lot of issues that surround it, I would likely look to update CHP platform officially, but we do have free vote on many matters)
    1. Marriage—the exclusive union of one man and one woman—is the most basic of human relationships and the foundational building block of society
    2. The marriage commitment between a husband and a wife provides the most stable environment for the raising of children
    3. CHP would restore the legal definition of marriage as between one man and one woman and would rescind government support for “same-sex marriage”
    1. Most major media in Canada—including state-funded CBC—are biased against a Christian worldview and policies
    2. CBC receives over $1.5 billion directly from the government annually
    3. Justin Trudeau has given $595 million in subsidies directed only to those media outlets which support his policies, further influencing public opinion against a Christian worldview
    4. CHP would defund or privatize CBC and would confront the issue of unfair media bias. (see my idea of giving away the infrastructure of CBC to our indigenous and french communities)
  32. MINING
    1. The extraction of minerals, precious metals, and energy resources is a legitimate and vital industry, beneficial to Canada’s economy and essential for the provision of materials for manufacturing
    2. Of course, care must be taken to protect the environment and to make efficient use of non-renewable resources.
    3. The use of coal as an energy source should be re-evaluated in the light of new technology. Coal can again become a useful part of our mining and energy network of industries with the use of updated technology
    1. Canada must have armed forces capable of defending our borders and national interests.
    2. Our armed forces must be properly trained and equipped.
    3. Our veterans deserve our gratitude and our duty of care, especially those who have been injured and the families of veterans who have lost loved ones in service to our country.
    1. Parents are the primary caregivers and educators of their children
    2. Parents have the right to know what their children are being taught in school
    3. Public schools have no mandate to teach children things that are contrary to the beliefs of their parents
    4. The state must refrain from incursions into matters of parental jurisdiction, particularly: religious, medical, moral issues
    5. The state must not interfere in family matters except in cases of obvious and provable child abuse.
    1. Chemical pesticides and herbicides have an important role in agriculture and landscaping but more research should be done into effective, affordable and less invasive alternatives in pest control.
    2. Some studies indicate that excessive application of certain man-made chemicals may be harmful to human, animal and soil health. These studies should be carefully assessed and compared, not dismissed simply because the conclusions are inconvenient.
    1. All Canadians must be free to practice their religion as long as it does not harm others.
    2. Freedom of Religion does not protect FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), “honour killings”, forced child marriages, multiple wives, etc.
    3. (my personal platform piece – free all charities , ie churches etc from the CRA charity act, give back all control of assets and operations and keep the government out of eliminating our freedom of speech and religion, but because most churches are charities, they’re not under the this protection, the fair tax act would fix this or a separate order could as well)
    1. Natural resources are given by God for the benefit of mankind
    2. Human beings are stewards (caretakers) of these resources and have the responsibility to manage and preserve them for the benefit of future generations
    3. Resources—whether renewable or non-renewable—must be harvested or extracted in a responsible manner, with a view to the future and to ensuring maximum lasting value for all Canadians
  38. SENATE
    1. The Senate was originally created to be a chamber of “sober second thought”, not a partisan rubber-stamp for the government in power
    2. Senators should be elected by the provinces in which they reside, not by the whim of the Prime Minister
    3. For better representation of the provinces, an equal number of Senators should be allocated to each province, not to “regions”
  39. SEX-ED
    1. Schools must not promote early childhood sexual activity or sexual behaviors known to be harmful
    2. Basic information on biology may be taught in the higher grades but without reference to sexual orientation or gender identity ideology. Parents must be informed and/or consulted when sensitive topics are to be discussed in the classroom.
    1. The Supply Management system for Canadian dairy, egg and poultry producers and the marketing boards which regulate the system were designed to protect essential agricultural producers from crippling market fluctuations and unfair “dumping” of lower-cost foreign products.
    2. Supply Management is not perfect but is essential in order to ensure Canadian producers of these products are able to continue to exist and to provide Canadians with a consistent supply of high-quality food products
    3. CHP will review existing marketing boards on a case-by-case basis to ensure they are still meeting the needs of the producers they represent as well as Canadian consumers
    4. Where possible, provision should be made for small-scale independent producers to serve niche markets without undermining the quota system.
    1. Tariffs are taxes imposed on imported commodities or products, usually intended to protect domestic producers from unfair foreign competition.
    2. Unless bound by contracts, treaties and trade agreements which they have voluntarily signed, all nations have the right to restrict imports or to apply tariffs which may have the effect of restricting imports.
    3. For the purpose of mutual growth and cooperative enterprise, allied nations, particularly nations sharing a border, should seek to avoid unnecessary tariffs and trade restrictions between them.
    4. Careless or punitive use of tariffs often result in trade wars which may harm producers in both countries and should be avoided if possible.
    1. Governments must use some form of taxation to generate revenues to cover the cost of basic services.
    2. The Income Tax—especially the Progressive Income Tax—is UNFAIR. Your earnings are your private property. The government should not take what you earn and it should not take a bigger share when you work harder.
    3. The CHP would replace the unfair federal income tax with a Fair Tax on purchases; this would be a flat rate applied to all purchases of finished products.
    4. The Fair Tax would leave all citizens with more money to spend, save and invest.
    1. Terrorism is the use of violence and fear to achieve geopolitical, military, financial or ideological ends.
    2. Canada must stand firmly against terrorism at home and abroad.
    3. Canadians who participate in terrorism must not be allowed to return to Canada OR they must face criminal terrorist charges. They must not be allowed to become public martyrs for their cause.
    4. The $10 million award to Omar Khadr was an insult to our soldiers, our allies and all Canadian taxpayers.
    1. Canadians must always be ready to care for the “deserving poor”—those in poverty through no fault of their own.
    2. All those capable of working should be encouraged to do so; taxpayers ought not to be forced to carry the unnecessary burden of supporting those unwilling to work.
    3. CHP Canada also strongly opposes corporate welfare: the granting of federal funds to corporations, financial institutions and global cabals.



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